2009 AGM - Philadelphia - Thursday

Today we had the pleasure of selling our books, instead of the grueling task of unloading them from our truck and setting them out on our tables. From our stations in the Regency Emporium, we met many Janeites who were just as thrilled as we were to be here in Philadelphia. Attendees who were already registered today had the option to take a tour of Winterthur, the estate of Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), which hosts a great collection of the antique furniture and objects collected by his family.

Of course, the highlight of the day was seeing Elizabeth Garvie, our personal favorite "Eliza Bennet," speak. She was interviewed by Dr. Elisabeth Lenckos (below, R), and was equal parts fascinating, inspirational, and moving. I will post a few snippets of her speech later, but here is a short clip to whet your appetite! (You will probably need to turn your volume up, since it was a very large room.)

We will be posting a photo album during the next few days, when we get a few free moments!